About the Studio

Our customers are eyewear manufacturers, event planners, fashion brands, luxury, sports, IOT actors …

Just add Water has the necessary expertise to meet your needs in the eyewear field to make your ambitions real. With our creativity, we can guide our customers in the implementation of their product segmentation, product line, innovations and new technologies.

The expertise we acquired over several years lets us take part in R&D, global environment, product design and marketing.

Just Add Water and let it grow.



Strategic marketing

We analyze the competitive environment of your company to guide you in creating your product and communication strategy in order to make the difference on the market.

Artistic direction

We define principles and rules for each of your products and publications.

Product design

We create your product line and bring the innovation. We also make the difference thanks to our capacity in creating deep meaning in your user story.


We take care of all your communication responsibilities. From merchandising to internal communications, graphic marketing to creative design, we will realize your wishes and strengthen your brand image.

UX design

We craft digital tools for you that will be both functional and intuitive.


We find and negotiate with the providers, manufacturers and other intermediaries needed for the production of your products.


We design the packaging of your products with the goal of appealing to the deepest desires and needs of consumers.

Dev. and production launch

We follow your project throughout its product lifecycle. We recommend, negotiate, and execute on your behalf, resolving any problem that might arise. « Just add water, and let it grow ».

Why Choose Us?

Our expertise

JAW is composed of specialist collaborators who evolved for many years in the eyewear field.

Our adaptability

With our multi-skilled collaborators we can act on many fronts. We are able to provide a global project.

Our vision

Creativity, innovation and ethical code are supported values that we put in our/your projects.

Our open-mindedness

Our international reach (Asia, Europe) enriches our vision and lets us acquire new ideas and values.


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